Petra Lorencová / Isabel

Petra Lorencová was born July 26, 1986 in Vyškov. She comes from two siblings - her older sister lives in London.

Petra has graduated from eight-year High School in Vyškov, in this period she also has started to play in a local amateur theatre DS Hana. Since childhood she wanted to be an actress. After graduation she began her studies at FF MU, specialization Theory and history of theatre and The theory of interactive media. However, she has not completed the study, because she was taken at JAMU in Brno, the studio of dramatic acting under the direction of Oxana Smilková. Within the school she has participated in several theater festivals in Poland, Holland and Germany. In Belgrade she has been awarded the Best Actor by the jury for her role of Vočistcová in the drama Lidumor alias My Liver is Meaningless.

In 2011 she took part in the audition for the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre on the basis of which she was taken to engagement by Artistic Director of Drama Pavel Šimák. She played here roles as: Charlotte Corday (Marat / Sade, P. Weiss), Iri (Smokers - A. Saavedra) Checca (The ??Fuss in the Lagoon- C. Goldoni) and others.

She loves rats. At home she breeds three male rats; the youngest Toník has played in Isabel, the other two Žeryn and Mishkin host in the theater.

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