About project

The shooting of the feature film Isabel took place in Ostrava environment from 27 June to 18 July 2012. Isabel is a film that arises without financial footing, but with the ambition of high budget movie. The project, initially with zero budgets, was born from enthusiasm of young filmmakers and has convinced dozens of partners with its uniqueness. The very people enabled it to be realized. Debuting directorial pair Lukáš Melnik and Marcel Škrkoň wants to prove with the film that the city and its surroundings offer unique filmmaking locations and the Ostrava theaters excellent actors.

"Ostrava inspires many themes and vampiric theme is actually one of them." The script is written to measure not only the specific actors, but also Ostrava and its genius loci. The fact that the project is carried out, it is the fulfillment of our dreams and nightmares at the same time. Isabel's story reveals the hidden secrets of the steel city." added Marcel Škrkoň / director

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